Renfrew-Collingwood Community News

News stories from the Renfrew-Collingwood community in East Vancouver

One thought on “Contact Us

  1. We live at Church Street and we would rather it be a Residents Only parking street. All kinds of out-of-town car owners park their cars here all day and take the sky train to their destinations. Shoppers who do not want to pay parking at Kingsway also park at Church Street taking parking spaces for residents. Motorists coming up from Joyce and and turning left to Church Street, and motorists from Tyne Street turning to Church Street are going at faster speeds on this residential neighborhood, that speed bumps should be installed. Vancouver City council will not do anything here because this is not Vancouver West, and it is still years away from city elections. Last time the street cleaners came, they cleaned the north side of the street but not the south side of the street. We phoned city hall 3-1-1 but got no action. Later the truck sweeper came and made a pass, but then cars have already parked, so the street was not swept all its length. Bad service for too much city taxes that property owners pay…

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