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Read On! Celebrating mothers


Who doesn’t love waffles for breakfast on Mother’s Day? Photo by Sophia Han
Who doesn’t love waffles for breakfast on Mother’s Day? Photo by Sophia Han

The tradition of breakfast in bed **

Sunday, May 14 is Mother’s Day. It has a long tradition in the United States where it was first celebrated in 1914. In Canada, sons and daughters show their appreciation with small gifts offlowers and cards. The tradition of serving mom breakfast in bed started in the 1930s.

Favourite breakfast meals on Mother’s Day include French toast and pancakes because they are easy and fun for children to make. A fresh fruit salad is a healthier option that is also easy to prepare (and clean up afterwards). Serve the meal with a small bouquet of carnations, the traditional flower of Mother’s Day.

A brunch tradition ***

Not everyone enjoys breakfast in bed. Since the 1940s, restaurants have advertised Mother’s Day brunch specials. Brunch is a British tradition invented in the late 19th century. It combines a social gathering with both breakfast and lunch. Taking mom out to brunch at a restaurant also saves her the work of cleaning up afterwards.

Besides breakfast or brunch, there are many other ways to recognize the work that mothers do. A simple phone call is a meaningful way to show appreciation and a more recent trend is to enjoy an outdoor activity together such as a hike or a stroll in a park.

Favourite local brunch spots include Liberte Cafe & Restaurant at 3670 Vanness Avenue and Canffle at 3581 Kingsway. Liberte Cafe specializes in desserts and waffles made from ube, a purple yam with a sweet, nutty flavour. 

Or for something different, try treating mom to dim sum. There are many excellent restaurants in Vancouver but a hidden gem is Wang’s Shanghai Cuisine at 3328 Kingway.

What is your favourite place to take mom for Mother’s Day? Let us know – just email


appreciation – when you feel thankful for something

serving – giving food to someone

healthier – better for your health

afterwards – after an event

bouquet  – a bunch of flowers

since + present perfect V use since before have and the past tense of a verb to describe a continuous action that began in the past: Since the 1930s, mothers have enjoyed breakfast in bed.

specials  – meals available for special occasions

social gathering – gathering of friends and families

besides – in addition

recognize – to show appreciation for someone’s work

meaningful – important or special

trend – something that is popular

stroll – walk

specialize – use specialize to talk about the food a restaurant makes well

hidden gem – a special place that is not well known

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** Lower intermediate

*** Upper intermediate

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April 2023 issue of RCC News is here

Spring is here. Check out the great activities happening in our neighbourhood in this latest issue of the Renfrew-Collingwood Community News and get some sun while staying connected to your neighbours and community.

Cover image of the April 2023 issue of the Renfrew-Collingwood Community News.

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In this issue:

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  • Five ways to help a friend who is addicted to drugs
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  • Earth Day: Still Moon annual general meeting and spring celebration fundraiser
  • More Earth Day events at Trout Lake and Clark Park
  • Y Mind Teen mental wellness program at Collingwood Neighbourhood House
  • Legion update: Everyone is welcome to their April events including Saturday band nights and Thursday jams

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