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Taking out in RC: Chefhyve


2525 Kingsway, Vancouver

Hours: Open daily from 12 pm or until the day’s fresh batch sells out

Chefhyve’s fish and chips is always made from fresh wild lingcod. Photo by Julie Cheng

Greetings food fans. Let’s talk about the new food place that everyone is buzzing about: Chefhyve (pronounced chef-hive).

Chef Ala Munzer Barghouti explained to me what Chefhyve is all about. “It’s a food hall where you can watch local chefs prepare an endless variety of cuisines from all over the world.”

Our Renfrew-Collingwood location features a Mediterranean food bar, artisan salads, gourmet fish and chips and a variety of desserts including a full waffle bar.

“Everything at Chefhyve is locally sourced and fresh. The only thing in the freezer here is ice cream.”

After a delightful conversation with Ala, I decided upon the falafal salad, which includes handmade falafel, spinach, chopped iceberg, hummus, seasonal hummus (carrot), seasonal pickles, spicy olives, tomato onion, cucumber, pita crisps, tahina dressing ($16.75).

Chefhyve’s falafal salad is amazing. Photo by Paul Reid

Also that day, for the ol’ accomplice, I ordered the lingcod fish and chips: fresh wild lingcod served with fresh-cut chips and homemade tartar sauce ($14.95).

For dessert, a slice of raspberry white chocolate cheesecake ($8.95).

Everything was out-of-this-world amazingly good, especially my falafal salad.

I highly recommend that you investigate Ala’s Chefhyve where fresh, local and gourmet all come together.

You can read more on the website, phone for pick-up, or get their goodness delivered by Skipthedishes, Ubereats or Doordash. Bon appetit.

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Taking out in RC: Dami Sushi and Korean Restaurant


Dami Sushi and Korean Restaurant
3280 East 22nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC
Phone 604-431-8887
Delivery via
Open Monday to Sunday, 11 am─9 pm

Greetings food fans. Welcome to another segment of Taking out in RC, our COVID-19 version of Eating out in RC.

We’d like to remind folks that a global pandemic is no reason not to continue enjoying our incredible local food outlets. Even if dining in is not currently your thing, you can always order for pick-up or delivery. That’s what I did here with Renfrew-Collingwood’s newest addition to its culinary crown – Dami Sushi and Korean Restaurant.

Dami celebrated its grand opening this past January, and already, the reviews are coming in that Dami offers quality food at affordable prices. Their dishes are inspired by modern and traditional Korean and Japanese cuisine.

I was quite taken aback by the sheer size of Dami’s menu. There are actually two full-size menus at Dami – a Japanese menu and a Korean menu. Either one on its own would be considered quite extensive, so to be able to produce everything on both menus must be quite a feat. But, Dami did it. In just 15 minutes my order-to-go was ready.

The Gamja-Tang hot pot is a pork back bone soup with Chinese cabbage, onion, green onion, potato and perilla seed, served with rice.
The Gamja-Tang hot pot is a pork back bone soup with Chinese cabbage, onion, green onion, potato and perilla seed, served with rice. Photos by Julie Cheng

From the Korean menu I ordered the Gamja-Tang hot pot. This is a pork back bone soup with Chinese cabbage, onion, green onion, potato and perilla seed with rice ($29.88). This soup was HUGE and was enough for about four people. I believe you will find this soup completely delicious and the pork is of the melt-in-your-mouth variety.

Also from the Korean menu, in the griddle section, I ordered the Bulgogi – thinly sliced beef marinated in a special Korean barbecue sauce ($17.88). I have always loved bulgogi and if you have yet to try it – Dami! Really good stuff.

So what’s nice about Dami is that you can go full Korean, but then, maybe because your spouse or your kids or even you must have some sushi rolls as well – Dami! You can get it all right here.

Dami's Fantastic Roll was, as the name implies, fantastic.
The Fantastic Roll was, as the name implies, fantastic.

From the special rolls section, we ordered the Fantastic Roll – crab meat, avocado, prawn tempura, spicy tuna, yam flakes and spicy mayo sauce ($9.88). It was, as the name, implies – fantastic!

There is too much to you tell you about Dami, but as usual I will urge you to go taste for yourself. The service was excellent; the food was fresh, delicious and way beyond what one makes at home, affordable and within your grasp. I recommend it. Bon appetit.

Dami opened in Renfrew-Collingwood in January 2021. In addition to take-out and delivery, Dami offers a spacious space for dining in.
Dami opened in Renfrew-Collingwood in January 2021. In addition to take-out and delivery, Dami offers a spacious space for dining in.

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Eating In in RC: Masala Meats

Masala Meats
Meat Market and Convenience Store
4409 Boundary Road (Boundary and 29th Avenue)

Open: Monday to Sunday, 11 am – 8 pm


Coincidentally, after 20 years of my Eating Out in RC column here, RCC News editor Julie Cheng suggested that I do an Eating In column to highlight her new local find: Masala Meats: Meat Market and Convenience Store.

That was in early February, before our old pal COVID-19 was even on the radar. Now of course, you can’t really be eating out anywhere. So here, for the time being, welcome to Eating IN in RC, featuring Masala Meats.

This is what Julie created with the help of Masala Meats: Ginger masala boneless chicken breast with homemade curry chickpeas. Photo by Julie Cheng

It was in February when I was able to take Julie up on her recommendation, visiting Masala Meats, located over on Boundary at 29th Avenue, at the north end of Joyce Street.

Here I met proprietor, Daman Sharma. I found out that Masala Meats is his first meat shop, and that he has been open here in Renfrew-Collingwood since January.

He is doing his best to offer a wide selection of quality chicken, beef and lamb products, both non-marinated and marinated in a variety of gourmet sauces. Chicken wings, breasts and kababs; barbecue beef steaks, beef ribs and beef kababs; barbecue lamb chops and lamb kababs in your favourite sauces: Jaipuri teekha masala, butter chicken, tandoori masala, ginger masala, tandoori … is your mouth watering yet?

For my meat selection, I settled on 2 pounds of chicken wings: lemon ginger and ginger masala (both medium spiciness). I will be back to try the Jaipuri teekha masala wings (hot).

I also checked out the wide variety of goods that Daman has in his convenience store section. Here one can find a range of Indian grocery and daily use items.

In the frozen section, I found a package of cassava fries; these should go nice with my wings, I thought.

Taking it home, I cooked the chicken wings (350 degrees C for 30 minutes), flipping them halfway through. The cassava fries went in the oven as well for 15 minutes. Voila – a gourmet feast of wings and fries that was both affordable and easy.

The wings were, of course, fresh, not frozen, and yet I would say more affordable than the frozen. The sauces that Masala Meats marinates them in are really gourmet.

You must taste for yourself. The cassava fries were an excellent addition as well.

So why RC would we not all head over to Masala Meats this instant to try all of this goodness that they have to offer? I recently spoke with Daman. He would like to let the community know that his store is open and that bonus meat kababs are being added to every purchase. So run, don’t walk, to see Daman over at Masala Meats and convenience store.

Still, let’s not forget our favourite local restaurants that have been hit so hard by all of this coronavirus pandemic. Many, although closed, are still offering delivery and take out.

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