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Making a good first impression – Expert tips to stage your home

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When it comes to selling your property, a good first impression is very important. That’s when home staging comes in.

Home Staging = Preparing Your Home for Sale

Top 5 tips checklist

1. Curb appeal
The first thing buyers see is the outside of a property. Grab buyers’ attention by painting your front door, adding potted plants and flowers weeding and mow the lawn.

2. Fresh coat of paint
This tip is the best bang for your buck. Apply a fresh, neutral paint colour throughout your space.

3. Remove clutter and personal items
In order to show off your home’s interior, make room for the buyers both physically and mentally. Remove extra furniture and items so buyers can move freely from room to room. Make sure to put away personal photos to allow buyers to imagine themselves living in the house.

4. Make repairs
Fix loose steps, cabinet doors, broken fixtures, chipped tiles, bathtub grout, leaks and more. There’s a saying, “The more you do for the buyer the more they will pay.”

5. Clean, clean, sparkling clean
Think of when you try to sell your car, you have it detailed, waxed and the tires scrubbed. The same strategy applies to your house. Clean and shine windows, floors, bathtubs, sinks, carpet, light fixtures and vacuum the dust bunnies hiding under sofas.

Adding this extra value to your investment can give you a higher return.

Expert tips to stage your home by Cecilia Stewart

Born and raised in Vancouver, Cecilia Stewart attended Vancouver Technical high school and now works, lives and raises her family in Renfrew Heights. She is a Licensed RealtorⓇ and a home stager and decorator. Book a free 20-minute consultation today. No obligation, just information. | | 604-816-1595

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