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Graham Bruce Spring Carnival, May 27

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PAC fundraises to bring back stage use

Graham Bruce Spring Carnival

Graham Bruce Spring Carnival

Graham Bruce Elementary is having their 4th Spring Carnival on Friday, May 27 from 4 to 8 pm at 3633 Tanner Street.

Over the past three years these carnivals have been a great place to gather neighbours to enjoy some time together while helping the school. The funds raised last year was around $6,000 and with the moneys raised in the previous years gave the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) enough to build the new playground for the primary area.

The Vancouver School Board is facing a budget deficit of $25 million dollars – the worst deficit in over two decades. The proposed cuts will affect every family and the effects of the cuts will be felt for years to come.

This is why the Graham Bruce PAC holds its carnivals, to make up for what the students/teachers need yet don’t have access to. Many students in band will no longer be able to afford to do something they love. Graham Bruce has a stage in the gym that has not been opened in so many years most the teachers at the school didn’t even know it opened.

“I went to this school as a child and the stage was opened for all assemblies, plays and sporting events held at the school,” says parent Dave Lambert. “Now for it to be opened the school board must send a “crew” to open it, and charge the school $800 per time. We can’t afford that!”

The PAC would like to raise the money required to have a sliding door installed on the stage so it may be opened and used the way it was designed to be used. Donations are always welcomed and may be sent to the PAC email or just write them if you went to Graham Bruce.

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