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Help save our neighbourhood schools!

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Sign the petition and help save Renfrew-Collingwood schools

Sign the petition and help save Renfrew-Collingwood schools

Late June 2016, the Bruce Parent Action Group 2016 (BPAG) was formed in response to the announcement that Graham Bruce Elementary School will be one of three schools being put on the potential list of schools to be considered for closure.

During the 2015/2016 school year, Bruce housed 218 students, which was at 70% capacity. The school has the potential to house more students. As you are aware, in addition to Bruce elementary, Carleton elementary school is also on the list to be considered for closure, as is Gladstone high school.

The Joyce-Collingwood area of East Vancouver is expanding rapidly. The Wall Centre Central Park will soon add more than 1,000 new homes.  The Westbank Projects’ 29-storey condo tower and the Joyce-Collingwood Station Precinct plan will add another 2,600 new homes. The new zoning is specifically aimed at providing affordable housing for families in the Collingwood neighbourhood.

With the potential of approximately 3,600 new families coming into the area, there will be more families who will need schools for their children. It just doesn’t make sense to close these schools!

We need your help!

The Bruce Parent Action Group was at the recent Greek Festival, thanks to our local member of Parliament, Don Davies and to the president of the Greek Orthodox Community, Mr. Kostas Nikolaou who allowed us to set up a table at their festivities. Over 1,000 petitions were well received by the public to help us advocate for our community schools. More can be done!

Please join the campaign to advocate for Bruce school by visiting to print and sign the petition or to see updates on this worthwhile cause. Join the Facebook at Please mail or drop off your signed petition to MLA Adrian Dix’s constituency office at 5022 Joyce Street, Vancouver, BC V5R 4G6.

BPAG appreciates your help for this worthwhile cause for the future of our children. Please sign the petition and send it in. Our children are our future.

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