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Windermere students call for a crosswalk at 27th and Nootka

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Windermere students are calling for a crosswalk to be installed at 27th Avenue and Nootka. Photo by Julie Cheng


Grade 9 students at Windermere Secondary are petitioning for a much-needed crosswalk at 27th Avenue and Nootka.

Windermere high school is situated halfway between Rupert Street and Nootka Street and stretches from 24th to 27th avenues. The buses run up and down on both Rupert and Nootka streets, delivering a great number of students to Windermere.

The number 16 bus on Nootka stops at 23rd, 25th and 27th avenues. However, there are only crosswalks on 22nd and 29th, both of which require a detour of several blocks when walking from the bus stop to the school. As a result, most kids cross the street without a crosswalk to save time to get to class.

The students’ petition asks for a new crosswalk at the bus stop of 27th Avenue and Nootka so students and teachers can have a safe and direct connection between the bus and the school.

The crosswalk would also benefit the people who take the SkyTrain and often walk down the ravine to avoid walking beside the busy road. This new proposed crosswalk would mirror a crosswalk on 27th Avenue and Rupert and also creates a safe and efficient corridor.

You can show your support by signing the students’ petition. They have created print petitions and an online one at

Coco Aschmann-cross is a Grade 9 student currently attending Windermere Secondary.

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