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Eating Out in RC: Romer’s Burger Bar, “great food, awesome waterfront location, cool atmosphere, excellent service”

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The view from the atrium is spectacular at Romer's Burger Bar

The view from the atrium is gorgeous at Romer’s Burger Bar. Photos by Paul Reid

Romer’s Burger Bar
8683 Kerr Street, Vancouver, BC

Greetings food fans. How goes it? I had a fantastic day today. Today was the day that we (Canada’s men’s hockey squad) mopped the ice with our poor American friends to the South – a joyous occasion that never gets old. (Thanks, too, of course, to Canada’s dear women’s hockey unit who also socked it to the Yanks the day previous). Go Canada!

So that was in the morning, if you recall. What better way to celebrate such a magnificent victory than to have a brewski or two and lunch on some sun-drenched patio, say, overlooking a scenic river scene. “In Renfrew-Collingwood?” you query. Well, technically no, but if we were to dial back the hands of time to the days of historic Collingwood, then we could say yes. For in those days, reader, before there was a South Vancouver, everything between Collingwood and the Fraser river was considered Collingwood. And it’s there, overlooking that lovely river at the foot of Kerr, that we now have Romer’s Burger Bar.

My accomplice on this particular outing was not my sweetie, although he is a very nice man – our very own Robert F. Edwards, who as we all know, has been a contributing writer for the RCCNews on and off for nearly a decade. He also has the fine distinction of being my friend, of which I am proud.

So it’s now about 12:30 as we enter Romer’s and the place is packed – a good sign. Still, there is some room out in the atrium, which is the portion of the patio surrounded by glass to keep it nice and cozy year round. Apparently in the warmer months, the atrium opens up to join the rest of the patio which is a big hit all summer with the bevy-swilling, burger-munching, sitting-by-the-river-in-the-sun crowd. Until then, on a cold, windy, yet sunny day as this day was, the atrium was the perfect place to enjoy the river’s serenity in action.

The burgers at Romer's look like a work of art.

The burgers at Romer’s look like a work of art.

But let’s not forget the food. And people, I’m telling you – you will not be disappointed with your burger at Romer’s. We are talking gourmet burgers here.

Robert’s reaction upon his first bite was, and I quote: “Now that’s a good burger!” I myself will second that motion. And you may also agree with us, by checking out these pictures, that these burgers arrive looking like works of art.

Robert had the Wicked Deadly Cheeseburger: five cheeses, red onion, leafy greens and Russian tarragon dressing (11.95). I had the Chorizodor: chorizo-spiced pork and beef patty, cheddar, pepper jack, Boursin, vine-ripened tomato, sweet onion, avocado and diablo sauce (12.75). With sea salt fries (2.50).

And, of course, there was beer involved in such a situation – the Gypsy Tears Ruby Ale (5.50) for Bob and the Eastern Promises Pilsner (5.50) for myself. We cheers Canada’s hockey victories. We cheers USA’s hockey defeats. Now we just need to school those Swedes, which at the time of this writing – remains undone.*

Romer’s Burger Bar is the creation of executive chef Jim Romer. Born in Marin County, and trained at Culinary Institute of America, Jim has spent over 20 years preparing “mind-blowing” good food.

Jim believes that good food begins with fresh, locally sourced ingredients that include nothing that you can’t pronounce. Secondly, Jim’s all about the flavour: “unexpected, sublime, wonderful flavours like the melt-in-your-mouth Kobe beef in the Ultimate Kobe Classic that makes you say Holy $#!% is that a good burger.”

Romer’s philosophy is this: “Eat good food. Keep it fresh. Keep it simple. Be creative. Let seasons and farmers be our guide. Be good to the planet, and all who are on it. Laugh. Share. Do what you do best: with us, it’s burgers.”

Here, here. Mr. Romer and company – Romer’s Burger Bar rocks! In addition to the food, awesome location, cool atmosphere, the service was excellent and, everyone I talked to there, really nice. Thank you and keep up the fine work. I shall return and so should you my dear reader. Bon appetit.

*No doubt. 3-0. Way to Gold, Canada, in hockey at the Sochi Olympics!

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