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Eating Out in RC: Sushi Miga

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4441 Boundary Road, Vancouver
Phone: 604-563-0722
Open every day 11 am – 9:30 pm


Sushi Miga’s Party Tray A (a mere $22)

Sushi Miga’s Party Tray A (a mere $22) along with a few side dishes, left the accomplice and I more than well satisfied. Photo by Paul Reid

Greetings food fans. I want to tell you this month about the good folks and food I found down at Sushi Miga, the object of my accomplice and I’s latest gastronomic investigation.

First, so we can get a vision, do you know where the north end of Joyce street curls around into Boundary? Where James St. Café used to be for so many years? It’s in there. Remember, with ample parking to the north?

It’s nice. There’s a nice new sushi bar in the back; a familiar yet revamped layout with some new décor. My favourite is the new liquor licence and the ice cold genuine Asahi draft on tap at a mere $4.90 a pint. That alone is worth the trip. But folks, there’s more.

My accomplice and I ordered Party Tray A (44 pieces of tuna, salmon, kappa, California, spicy tuna, yam and dynamite rolls – $22); prawn and vegetable tempura ($5); gyoza ($5); and miso soup ($1.50).

How often can two people dine on healthy, delicious, visually appealing, tongue-tantalizing, stomach-filling goodness (including that cold Asahi draft beer) for under $40, and still have some to take home for a snack later? With Sushi Miga now in our ’hood, the answer is every day.

Now about the good folks, let’s start with Simon Kang – proud new father of Sushi Miga – who knows that he is not alone in Vancouver when it comes to sushi restaurants. “Apparently there are twice as many sushi restaurants in Vancouver than Los Angeles, and they have 10 times the population!” Simon says.

So how will he set Sushi Miga apart? One thing will be the addition of Korean fare to the menu. This will coincide with the arrival of Sushi Miga’s new chef, a master of Japanese and Korean cuisine, who joined the team in June 2014.

One of the current chefs is Simon’s old-time friend. We’re talking high-school chums, serving in the Korean military together, 40-year-strong type of friendship. It was his encouragement paired with Simon’s background in restaurant supplies that brought Sushi Miga to life.

Sushi Miga is already involved in our community’s awesome spirit with a generous donation to Graham Bruce Elementary’s recent fundraiser. “I want Sushi Miga to be a cornerstone of this community over time. We may not be the largest or the fanciest restaurant, but we want to provide fresh quality food to the community, in good amounts, at fair prices.”

But don’t just listen to me or Simon. Taste for yourself. Not just Sushi Miga either, but all fine eateries across this fine community. Bon appetite!

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