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October 2014 issue of RCC News is here

The new issue is full of the many wonderful people, events and programs happening in our neighbourhood!

RCCNews October 2014Get your October 2014 issue of the RCC News at your local coffee shop, grocery store, library and community centre.

Or click on the cover image to view the new issue.

In this issue:

  • VIVO Media Arts Centre comes to Renfrew-Collingwood
  • Renfrew Park Community Centre still going strong at age 50
  • Windermere grads mark 50 years
  • Eating Out: Lotus Seed vegetarian restaurant
  • Job search tips for a successful interview

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The deadline for the November 2014 issue is October 14. From 300 to 400 words, with high resolution photos in a jpg at least 1 MB file size.

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Eating Out in RC: Sushi Miga

4441 Boundary Road, Vancouver
Phone: 604-563-0722
Open every day 11 am – 9:30 pm


Sushi Miga’s Party Tray A (a mere $22)

Sushi Miga’s Party Tray A (a mere $22) along with a few side dishes, left the accomplice and I more than well satisfied. Photo by Paul Reid

Greetings food fans. I want to tell you this month about the good folks and food I found down at Sushi Miga, the object of my accomplice and I’s latest gastronomic investigation.

First, so we can get a vision, do you know where the north end of Joyce street curls around into Boundary? Where James St. Café used to be for so many years? It’s in there. Remember, with ample parking to the north?

It’s nice. There’s a nice new sushi bar in the back; a familiar yet revamped layout with some new décor. My favourite is the new liquor licence and the ice cold genuine Asahi draft on tap at a mere $4.90 a pint. That alone is worth the trip. But folks, there’s more.

My accomplice and I ordered Party Tray A (44 pieces of tuna, salmon, kappa, California, spicy tuna, yam and dynamite rolls – $22); prawn and vegetable tempura ($5); gyoza ($5); and miso soup ($1.50).

How often can two people dine on healthy, delicious, visually appealing, tongue-tantalizing, stomach-filling goodness (including that cold Asahi draft beer) for under $40, and still have some to take home for a snack later? With Sushi Miga now in our ’hood, the answer is every day.

Now about the good folks, let’s start with Simon Kang – proud new father of Sushi Miga – who knows that he is not alone in Vancouver when it comes to sushi restaurants. “Apparently there are twice as many sushi restaurants in Vancouver than Los Angeles, and they have 10 times the population!” Simon says.

So how will he set Sushi Miga apart? One thing will be the addition of Korean fare to the menu. This will coincide with the arrival of Sushi Miga’s new chef, a master of Japanese and Korean cuisine, who joined the team in June 2014.

One of the current chefs is Simon’s old-time friend. We’re talking high-school chums, serving in the Korean military together, 40-year-strong type of friendship. It was his encouragement paired with Simon’s background in restaurant supplies that brought Sushi Miga to life.

Sushi Miga is already involved in our community’s awesome spirit with a generous donation to Graham Bruce Elementary’s recent fundraiser. “I want Sushi Miga to be a cornerstone of this community over time. We may not be the largest or the fanciest restaurant, but we want to provide fresh quality food to the community, in good amounts, at fair prices.”

But don’t just listen to me or Simon. Taste for yourself. Not just Sushi Miga either, but all fine eateries across this fine community. Bon appetite!

Copyright (c) 2014 Renfrew-Collingwood Community News

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Eating Out in RC: Thai Escape – “truly out-of-this-world delectable”


4902 Joyce Street at Wellington, Vancouver
Dine in/Take out
Free Delivery from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm within 2 kilometres with minimum $25 purchase
Open Tuesday to Sunday: 11:30 am – 9:00 pm

Thai Escape rocks! At Joyce and WellingtonGreetings food fans. It brings me great pleasure to share with you the goodness that is Thai Escape. Opened in October 2013, Thai Escape is owned and operated by the team of Pierre Allen and his wife, Jutamat. And if you haven’t heard it yet, let it be known: Thai Escape rocks!

Pierre was our friendly host, making us feel comfortable and providing excellent service while Jutamat worked her magic in the kitchen. An authentic Thai chef with years of experience, I urge all Renfrew-Collingwood community members to treat yourself to Jutamat’s masterful cooking.

We started with the Thai Spring Rolls — deep-fried rolls stuffed with bean vermicelli noodle and veggies; served with homemade plum sauce ($5). Next was what turned out to be one of my favourite soups in this whole wide world — Tom Kah, a hot and sour soup with coconut milk, mushrooms, lemongrass, kaffir, lime leaves, galangal, green onions and cilantro (Large $9.00).

And for the main course, Cashew Nut Stir Fry with roasted cashew nuts, bell peppers, onions, green onions and roasted chili (your choice of chicken, beef, tofu or vegetable — $11). Everything tasted fresh and truly out-of-this-world delectable.

Pierre shared with me his round-the-world adventure of how he and Jutamat met and wound up in Vancouver. Pierre grew up in a small mining town in Quebec with his grandparents. He later became a forestry technician. In 2001, following the re-election of George Bush Junior, Pierre felt it was time to evacuate the continent. He journeyed to Europe and embarked on a 3,000-km journey from Paris to Spain, stopping along the way to work odd jobs. From there he made it to Switzerland where one day Pierre came across a Lonely Planet guide book for Thailand. This inspired the next leg of his journey. Instead of walking however, this time Pierre sprung for air transportation.

On his third day in Thailand, Pierre found work in a day spa where he worked for the next year. Following the spa’s closure, Pierre headed for Chiang Mai in the North where he began teaching French. And finally, Pierre met the love of his life there in his language class, Jutamat, and they eventually married and came to Vancouver.

So, great food (at reasonable prices), excellent service; I’d also like to give a quick nod to the decor — which is nice and features the beauty of Thailand. Also, you get a view of the North Shore mountains as an added bonus. For these fine reasons, I see no excuse for Thai Escape not to become a great enduring hit with us here in RC.

Bon appetit.

Copyright (c) 2014 Renfrew-Collingwood Community News