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Eating Out in RC: Bon’s Off Broadway – Special Valentine’s Day review

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2451 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, BC V5N 5E5
8 am to 7 pm daily

Paul Reid's account of a memorable Valentine's Day at Bon's Off Broadway
Here is my accomplice and I in the very same booth at Bon’s Off Broadway where I proposed 14 years ago. Happy Valentine’s Day and bon appetit. Photo courtesy of one of Bon’s angels. Thank you.

Yes, folks, it was approximately 14 years ago to the month that I proposed to my sweety, right here in this booth at Bon’s Off Broadway. Not only are we still hitched and still holding hands, the breakfast special at Bon’s is still just $2.95!

It really was nice to get back to Bon’s after so many years. The place is pretty much exactly the same — a time capsule of sorts. The only real difference that I could detect was the barriers between the booths that were obviously put up during COVID. Even these though were covered in graffitti — you would think they had been there forever.

Yes, one of the cool things about Bon’s is all that graffitti. Patrons are certainly not discouraged from making their marks with markers, stickers, posters, whatever — just stick it or write in on the wall — no problem. It’s just another one of Bon’s features that makes it one of the coolest, relaxed places in this city to hang out and have a good breakfast or propose.

Bon still comes in every afternoon, I hear, to greet the customers. It’s a party every day here, he once told me, with all my friends, and there is nowhere else I’d rather be. I think Bon is a saint and his staff, angels, for giving East Van such a cool, affordable breakfast place all these years. Three cheers for Bon(s)!

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