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Eating Out in RC: Bon’s Off Broadway – Special Valentine’s Day review


2451 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, BC V5N 5E5
8 am to 7 pm daily

Paul Reid's account of a memorable Valentine's Day at Bon's Off Broadway
Here is my accomplice and I in the very same booth at Bon’s Off Broadway where I proposed 14 years ago. Happy Valentine’s Day and bon appetit. Photo courtesy of one of Bon’s angels. Thank you.

Yes, folks, it was approximately 14 years ago to the month that I proposed to my sweety, right here in this booth at Bon’s Off Broadway. Not only are we still hitched and still holding hands, the breakfast special at Bon’s is still just $2.95!

It really was nice to get back to Bon’s after so many years. The place is pretty much exactly the same — a time capsule of sorts. The only real difference that I could detect was the barriers between the booths that were obviously put up during COVID. Even these though were covered in graffitti — you would think they had been there forever.

Yes, one of the cool things about Bon’s is all that graffitti. Patrons are certainly not discouraged from making their marks with markers, stickers, posters, whatever — just stick it or write in on the wall — no problem. It’s just another one of Bon’s features that makes it one of the coolest, relaxed places in this city to hang out and have a good breakfast or propose.

Bon still comes in every afternoon, I hear, to greet the customers. It’s a party every day here, he once told me, with all my friends, and there is nowhere else I’d rather be. I think Bon is a saint and his staff, angels, for giving East Van such a cool, affordable breakfast place all these years. Three cheers for Bon(s)!

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Eating Out in RC: Ham and Eggman’s


The Mexican Scramble. I cannot say enough about how good this was, including those Kennebec hash browns. The best! Photo by Paul Reid

Ham & Eggman’s
3883 Rupert Street, Vancouver
(604) 620-8942
Monday to Friday 8 am – 3 pm
Saturday to Sunday 9 am – 3 pm


Ham & Eggman’s; Ham & Eggman’s – it’s kind of fun to say. Better yet is how good it tastes. Yes RC, we have a winner!

Ham & Eggman’s is producing some seriously good breakfast dishes right here in our community.

And it’s about time. Where else really has one been able to go around here for a really good breakfast(?) Since the Dutch Pannekoek House, which later morphed into James’ Street Cafe left the area, there really hasn’t been much in the way of dedicated breakfast places. And this one rocks!

Yes folks, not only was I there, tasting for myself, but I have found since that the internet too is full of nothing but rave reviews for Ham & Eggman’s.

Let’s see here what I can agree with. One person says, “My new go to breakfast spot in Vancouver!” Yes, I could definitely see that.

“The bathrooms were spotless!,” says another. Yes, I did get a chance to review those as well and they were noticeably being kept very clean.

“Right from the start, service was exceptional.” Yes, I too, undercover of course, was highly impressed by the pleasant mood and attentiveness of the wait staff.

“Chef Kristian Leidig really knows what he’s doing!” says Paniz L. Yes! Yes! In fact, doing
a little research on Chef Kristian and I find that he is quite the chef. He was presented the Vancouver Foodster 1st Place Award for his Bratwurst Benny in the #EggsBenedictChallengeYVR. Of course he did.

I’m telling you RC, these guys came to play ball.

Ham & Eggman’s has been here in RC since March 2019. Wow! Why was I the last to know? And if you haven’t been to Ham & Eggman’s yet, well, now you know that you better get yourself down there.

Before I let you go, I want to tell you about what I had. I went for the Mexican scramble. All their scrambles come with three eggs served with Kennebec hash browns and toast. The Mexican included house-made chorizo, fajita peppers and onions, aged cheddar, topped with salsa and sour cream ($15).

Let me tell you it was worth every last red cent. I guess the kids don’t know what a cent is. We used to call them pennies. I feel old.

Anyhow, get down to Ham & Eggman’s and taste for yourself. And tell me what you think of these Kennebec hash browns. I would not be going out on much of a limb by saying that these hash browns are likely the best you or I have ever tasted: light and fluffy on the inside, yet nice and crispy on the outside. I was wondering how they do that. How do you do that Kristian?

Thank you Ham & Eggman’s. Bon appetit!

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