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Eating Out in RC: Romantic eats with your Valentine


Greetings food fans. It’s February again, so you know what that means. You guys better set aside a few pennies for the chocolate and the flowers. Yes! Valentine’s Day is here again. February 14 falls on a Tuesday this year.

Now if you really love each other, you’re going to want to save each other from the unromantic hassles that come with eating in: the shopping, the work, the dishes, the mess. No folks, on Valentine’s Day you want to eat out. And there’s no better community to get your food-on than in Renfrew-Collingwood.

Here are some of my top recommendations.

Mezbaan's Valentine BuffetFirstly, Mezbaan. Why? Because they were smart enough to advertise with the RCC News. Secondly, because my man, Chef TJ, does have a nice, cozy romantic place whether Valentine’s or not. And, Mezbaan has been called by at least one handsome local food critic – The best buffet in town! I agree.

If there’s a line-up outside Mezbaan (and there should be), you might want to scoot down Kingsway to our trusted, tried and truly spicy Chili Pepper House. I am in love with the Chili Chicken and just about everything else on the menu. Not quite as romantic perhaps as Mezbaan, but the food here will also put you in your lover’s good books. Careful with that spice, Eugene.

Now, if your partner or spouse or friend has been especially good lately and you want to splurge a little, one of the slightly more costly but superbly romantic restaurants that I can think of is La Piazza Dario at the Italian Cultural Centre. And who is more romantic than the Italians, eh! Yes, I can still remember my last visit there for lunch. Classic Italian food and some wine in a really beautiful dining room. You Romeos will be set.

La Piazza Dario - Romantic Valentine Eats

Where more. Well it doesn’t have to be fancy. Wally’s Burgers would be a good choice for some. Or Off the Grid Waffles – very sexy. Or how about the Japanese Bistro Kamome, with their Japaninis? Mmmm.

Well, we have so many fabulous places here in Renfrew-Collingwood. It doesn’t really matter where you go, but this Valentine’s Day, give yourselves a romantic little break and go somewhere local and delicious.

Bon appetit.

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Eating Out in RC: Off the Grid Waffles

Strawberry Chocolate Waffle

Tis the season for fresh strawberry and chocolate waffles. Photos by Paul Reid

2665 Kingsway, Vancouver
Monday-Friday 2-11 pm | Saturday 11 am-12 am | Sunday 11 am-11 pm


Dear reader. Greetings and welcome to yet another fine instance of Eating Out in RC. This time, we journey across the street from Norquay Park on Kingsway to a place next door to where our beloved Wally’s once existed. Can you picture it? Now, see yourself entering into the door of a new establishment called Off the Grid Waffles.

That’s what my accomplice and I did for the first time this July. I am so happy to say that Off the Grid Waffles is a big, big hit! Not only was it packed on the two occasions that I was there, but that seems to be the word out on the net.

So what’s all the fuss about? Take a look at these waffles. And they are as delectable as they are beautiful. The pizza waffles are perhaps not so dazzling, but they are delicious.

Pizza waffle

Try the savoury pizza waffles such as the Smoked Salmon or Montreal Smoked Meat.

“This is just a place for snacks,” my wife said. After she couldn’t finish her Smoked Salmon waffle, let alone the strawberry-chocolate waffle for dessert, I think she stood corrected. Yes, you can make a full meal out of waffles. My Montreal Smoked Meat Pizza waffle was pretty damn good as well.

So yes, start with a savoury waffle: Grilled Chicken Breast; Montreal Smoked Meat; Spicy Chicken with Bacon; Pulled Pork; Cheeseburger or Smoked Salmon. And then, finish it off with a heavenly dessert waffle: Cheesecake; S’Mores; Tiramisu; Banana Nutella, Matcha Cheesecake, or as we had, the seasonal Strawberry Chocolate.

For drinks, you might want to try one of Off the Grid’s specialty shakes: Matcha, Cappuccino, Maple Bacon, Oreo, Chocolate Banana and Strawberry. There are also specialty drinks, teas, cappuccinos, lattes and free water.

The owners of the shop are Raymond Fong and Hurley Wu. “This is our first restaurant. We grew up in this neighbourhood, which is why we chose to open here.” The official opening was in January 2016.

Yes, the prices are decent (nothing over $9 dollars), the service is good (considering how much work goes into each creation) and did I mention Jenga – yes – each table comes with this fun skill testing game to keep us happy while our  delicious waffles are being prepared. Bon appetit.

Copyright (c) 2016 Renfrew-Collingwood Community News